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Type of investment

- Money lending

Type of funding

- P2P lending


Buyback guarantee

Secondary market

Auto invest

Main currency

EUR (€)

Avg. return

11.80 %

Min. investment

10 €

Mintos investment platform.

Mintos is one of the top P2P lending platforms in Europe, which was founded in 2015 in Latvia. This investment platform provides an opportunity to invest in consumer loans issued to people and businesses. During the relatively long period of its activity, Mintos has already managed to earn the trust of many European investors. To date, more than 490,000 people are actively investing on the Mintos platform. investors from all over Europe, financed loans for more than 8.2 billion euros during the entire period of Mintos activity. We invite you to get to know more about investing money on the Mintos platform and money earning opportunities on it.

Information about Mintos platform

Investing in loans on the Mintos platform takes place on the so-called peer-to-peer principle, when loans issued to people are financed not by one, but by hundreds different investors. It is important to note that the Mintos money lending platform itself does not issue any loans. Loans on this platform originate from Mintaos partners - consumer loan companies, which aim to finance the loans issued to their clients with the funds of investors. In other words, Mintos acts as a huge loan marketplace where investors can finance consumer loans issued by various loan companies.

Mintos buyback guarantee

Some loan companies offering their loans on the Mintos platform provide investors with a so-called buyback guarantee for overdue loans. In this case, if the repayment of the loan is delayed by more than 60 days, the loan company undertakes to redeem the overdue loan with accrued interest. On the other hand, there have already been cases in the past when loan companies offering loans on the Mintos platform only partially fulfilled their redemption guarantee obligations. For this reason, we suggest that you evaluate the loan redemption guarantee offered on the Mintos platform very carefully.

Mintos secondary market

The Mintos platform boasts an extremely active secondary loan market where existing loans can be bought or sold. When selling investments, 0.85 percent administration fee is applied. An active secondary market is very useful for investors, as it allows to significantly increase the liquidity of investments. In other words, when money is needed and the need arises to exit the investment, the available loans can be quickly sold to other investors.

Mintos autoinvesting

Mintos has a built-in automatic investment feature that can be used by all investors registered on the platform. In order to invest automatically, you first need to create an automatic investment strategy. You can choose an investment strategy from the list of strategies prepared in advance by specialists of the Mintos platform or create your own. An interesting fact is that about 78 percent of Mintos investors use the automatic investment function. It is important to know that automatic investment on the Mintos platform has a higher priority than manual investment, so many loans usually do not even make it to the list of loans for manual investment.


Mintos publishes detailed information about its activities. On the website of the platform, you can find historical performance indicators of the platform, information about the existing loan portfolio and a detailed list of Mintos partners - loan companies offering loans on this platform.

Investing with Mintos platform

On the Mintos platform, investors can invest in short-term and medium-term consumer loans for people and various loans for businesses. The historical return generated by Mintos is about 11.8 percent. About 2/3 of all loans financed on the Mintos platform are short-term. The minimum possible investment for one loan is just 10 euros.

Mintos reviews and first investment

All investors over the age of 18 who have a bank account in the European Union can invest on the Mintos platform. To date, UK or US citizens cannot invest on the platform. So, in order to start investing in Mintos, first of all, you need to register and provide your basic personal and contact details. Later, as in all other similar investment platforms, you will have to confirm your identity. After confirming your identity, your investor account will be created for you, to which you can transfer funds intended for investment.

Most Mintos investors use the automatic investment feature. For this reason, when starting to invest in Mintos, we suggest using already developed automatic investment strategies or creating your own. Most of Mintos loans are financed automatically, so by investing manually, you will lose many opportunities to profitably invest your funds. The minimum possible investment for a single loan here is only 10 euros, so everyone can invest in Mintos, even those with small savings.

Brief overview and reviews of Mintos

Advantages of the platform:

  • One of the largest investment platforms in Europe
  • An active secondary market in operation
  • Automatic investment option
  • The average historical return is 11.8 percent
  • Possibility to start investing from just 10 euros
  • The possibility of investing in consumer and business loans in one place

What you should pay attention to:

  • 0,85 percent fee when selling investments on the secondary market
  • Companies offering loans do not always fully fulfill the obligations of the redemption guarantee

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