Paskolų klubas

Paskolų klubas

Let your money work for you.

Type of investment

- Money lending

Type of funding

- P2P lending


Buyback guarantee

Secondary market

Auto invest

Main currency

EUR (€)

Avg. return

12.00 %

Min. investment

20 €

Investing with "Paskolų klubas".

Founded in 2014, “Paskolų klubas” is probably the largest P2P lending platform in Lithuania. The platform allows you to invest in loans issued to people and businesses. "Paskolų klubas” is firmly established as the market leader in the Lithuanian P2P market and has serious plans to expand its activities across Europe. Currently, more than 13,000 investors are actively investing on the platform and have already managed to fund more than €100 million in loans. "Paskolų klubas” investment platform has an unrestricted Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence, which allows money transfers, direct debits and other payment transactions to be carried out throughout the European Union. We invite you to get to know this P2P platform, its features and the benefits it offers to investors.

"Paskolų klubas" - reviews

Investing in “Paskolų klubas” is based on the so-called peer-to-peer lending principle, where loans issued on the platform are funded by investors who have registered on the platform. In other words, “Paskolų klubas” gives investors the opportunity to invest in consumer and business loans, and borrowers the opportunity to borrow on favourable terms. The management of this investment platform always emphasises its business model, which is not focused on making a quick buck, but on long-term profit and stability. The shares of Neo Finance, the public limited company that operates the platform, are also traded on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange, which not only provides greater transparency on the platform's activities, but also allows for additional investment in its shares.

“Paskolų klubas” buyback guarantee

The platform has a free Buyback service that allows investors to sell overdue loans to “Paskolų klubas” platform. The Buyback is initiated when the investment platform terminates the contract with the borrower after the borrower has defaulted on 3-5 instalments. After the termination of the loan agreement with the borrower, the platform offers to buy back from the investors these overdue investments within 30 calendar days. The buyback service does not cost investors anything, but it is important to familiarise yourself with the buyback pricing applied by “Paskolų klubas”, which is published on the platform's website at: In principle, it is preferable to sell a defaulted investment to “Paskolų klubas” within the first 3 days after the offer has been made, as the price offered by the platform for the investment will start to decrease after that.

“Paskolų klubas” secondary market

"Paskolų klubas” investment platform has a very active secondary market, which particularly increases the liquidity of all investments. The secondary market allows investors to buy and sell investments, allowing them to manage their portfolios much more efficiently. It should be noted that both the sale and purchase of investments on the secondary market are subject to a brokerage fee equal to 1% of the value of the transaction.

“Paskolų klubas” autoinvest feature

“Paskolų klubas” has an auto-investment feature that allows investors to pre-select the criteria for automatically investing in loans. When a new loan offer is published on the platform, the investment system checks the criteria chosen by the investor and, if all the criteria are met, the loan is automatically invested in. It should be noted that on “Paskolų klubas” platform, automatic investment has a higher priority than manual investment. For this reason, most of the loans published on the platform do not even appear on the list of primary market loans as they are fully funded automatically.


Detailed statistics on the Platform's activities are available on its website: As Neo Finance, the company that operates the Loan Club platform, is listed on the Nasdaq First North, it also submits quarterly and audited annual reports on its activities.

"Paskolų klubas” investment, reviews and overview

The Loan Club allows you to invest in consumer loans for individuals and business loans for businesses. Both natural and legal persons can invest on the platform. As “Paskolų klubas” is licensed as an electronic money institution, an IBAN account is opened for each customer, with which all the necessary financial transactions can be carried out. The historical return on the Loan Club is 12%, the average maturity of loans issued on the platform is 58 months and the minimum investment per loan is EUR 20.

Investing in “Paskolų klubas” - registration and first steps

To start investing on “Paskolų klubas” platform, you first need to register and complete the authentication procedure. You will need to provide your basic contact details when registering. This will be followed by an identity verification procedure. If you use a valid electronic signature, you will be able to verify your identity much faster. Once your identity has been verified, an IBAN account will be automatically opened to which you can transfer your investment funds. Any amount of money can be added to the account, but please note that the minimum investment per loan is €20.

You can invest in “Paskolų klubas” manually or automatically. When investing manually, each loan is selected by the investor and the investor personally decides whether it is really worth investing. In the case of automated investing, the loans that are suitable for investment are selected by an automated system according to criteria set by the investor. On “Paskolų klubas” platform, the automatic investment method has a higher priority than the manual investment method, which is why a large part of the loans are funded automatically.

“Paskolų klubas” review summary


  • The platform has an unlimited Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence and is supervised by the Bank of Lithuania
  • An active secondary market
  • Automatic investment function
  • The average historical return is 12%.
  • Start investing from just €20
  • Invest in consumer and business loans in one place What to look out for:

What to look out for:

  • 1% tax on the purchase or sale of investments on the secondary market

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