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Type of investment

- Real Estate

Type of funding

- Crowdfunding


Buyback guarantee

Secondary market

Auto invest

Main currency

EUR (€)

Avg. return

10.00 %

Min. investment

50 €

Brickstarter investing platform review.

Brickstarter is an intriguing real estate crowdfunding platform that specializes in rental properties in Spain. One of the unique aspects of Brickstarter is its emphasis on vacation rentals, which offers higher potential yields for investors and reduces risk by collecting rental payments in advance. This focus on short-term vacation rentals sets Brickstarter apart from traditional long-term rental investments. Investors can enjoy a steady monthly income distribution from these properties, making it an enticing option for those seeking real estate investment opportunities.

What is Brickstarter?

Brickstarter is an Estonian-based real estate crowdfunding platform that specializes in vacation properties in Spain. As an investor on Brickstarter, you have the opportunity to invest in buy-to-let properties, allowing you to earn from both rental yield and potential capital appreciation. With an average annual return of around 10%, Brickstarter offers attractive investment options for individuals interested in the real estate market. By leveraging the platform, investors can diversify their portfolio and participate in the lucrative vacation property market in Spain.

How does Brickstarter investments work?

Brickstarter specializes in vacation rentals, specifically properties that are exclusively rented out for short or medium terms through popular platforms like Airbnb or This unique focus provides two significant advantages for investors. Firstly, investors can expect higher rental yields due to the profitability of vacation rentals compared to long-term rentals. Secondly, the risk is minimized as tenants are required to pay in advance, eliminating the potential for non-payment or unpaid stays. These advantages make Brickstarter an appealing platform for investors seeking attractive returns and reduced rental-related risks in the vacation rental market.

On Brickstarter, the investment approach for apartments is through mezzanine loans. Notably, all investment opportunities offered on the platform are debt-free. This ensures that there are no existing debt commitments associated with the opportunities, providing a level of risk mitigation. The invested capital is secured, meaning that the principal amount is protected. While there is a potential risk of not achieving the projected yield, investors can have peace of mind knowing that their original invested capital is not at risk of being lost. This feature adds an element of security and stability to the investment process on Brickstarter.

By investing in Brickstarter projects, you have the opportunity to enjoy a double return. Firstly, you can benefit from regular monthly interest payments generated by renting the property to tourists and short-term tenants. This provides a consistent income stream throughout the investment period. Secondly, you have the potential to earn a capital gain when the property is sold, realizing a profit once the target sale price is achieved. This dual approach allows investors to capture both ongoing rental income and potential capital appreciation, offering a comprehensive and potentially lucrative return on their investment in Brickstarter projects.

Project lifecycle on Brickstarter

Brickstarter operates with a unique process that sets it apart from other real estate crowdfunding platforms. The lifecycle of a project on Brickstarter typically follows these steps:

  • Property acquisition: the Brickstarter team identifies and selects suitable properties for investment.
  • Project funding: the project is presented on the platform, and investors have the opportunity to fund it.
  • Renovation and improvement: the Brickstarter team undertakes necessary renovations and enhancements to optimize the property's value and rental potential.
  • Rental policies: the team establishes the most effective rental policies to maximize occupancy and generate rental income.
  • Property management: a dedicated property manager is appointed to oversee day-to-day operations, ensuring smooth operations and optimal returns.
  • Data analysis: brickstarter utilizes advanced data analysis techniques to identify the optimal time to sell the property, taking market conditions and potential capital gains into account.
  • Property sale and distribution: once the property is sold, the capital gains generated from the sale are distributed among the investors, providing them with a return on their investment.

This comprehensive process showcases Brickstarter's approach to identifying, enhancing, managing, and ultimately monetizing real estate investments, offering investors a structured and potentially profitable journey throughout the project's lifecycle.

Brickstarter skin in the game

Brickstarter demonstrates its commitment to investment opportunities by being the initial investor in all projects featured on the platform. This signifies that when you invest in any project, you are co-investing alongside Brickstarter. The fact that Brickstarter has its own stake in the investments is a positive indicator.

This alignment of interests is beneficial for investors because it ensures that Brickstarter is motivated to seek out and select the most promising and lucrative deals available. As a result, they have a vested interest in finding high-quality investment opportunities that have the potential for attractive returns. This practice instills confidence in investors, as it showcases Brickstarter's dedication to curating a portfolio of projects that offer genuine value and potential growth.

Brickstarter big data algorithm

Brickstarter has harnessed the power of big data and developed its proprietary algorithm to enhance the investment experience for its users. This algorithm enables Brickstarter to determine the optimal rental policies and identify the most opportune time to sell properties, ultimately maximizing the income generated for investors.

By leveraging data from various prominent platforms like Airbnb, Booking, HomeAway, and Idealista, Brickstarter gains valuable insights into the performance and returns of similar properties. This data-driven approach empowers Brickstarter to make informed decisions and fine-tune investment strategies for each property listed on the platform.

Through the analysis of relevant data points and trends, Brickstarter aims to optimize the rental income potential and overall profitability of the properties. This commitment to leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights demonstrates Brickstarter's dedication to delivering optimal returns and value to its investors.

Investing with Brickstarter

Signing up for Brickstarter is a quick and straightforward process. All you need to do is complete a short registration form and verify your email address. Once these steps are completed, you will become a registered user, granting you access to more detailed investment information and the Brickstarter newsletter. The registration process is entirely free, and there are no obligations or commitments associated with it.

Brickstarter does not charge any registration fees or commissions for maintaining your account. The registration is completely cost-free. After your account is validated, which may take a few hours as we verify the provided information and ID, you can proceed to transfer funds into your account and begin investing.

Brickstarter offers convenient options for adding funds to your account, including credit/debit card payments or wire transfers. In the case of a wire transfer, please note that it may take up to 2 days for your account balance to be updated on the platform. The minimum investment amount per project is 50 euros, providing flexibility and accessibility to a wide range of investors.

Rate of return

Brickstarter offers investors a compelling average annual return of approximately 10%. However, it's important to note that the actual return will vary depending on the specific project. By investing in Brickstarter projects, you stand to benefit from a dual return structure. Firstly, you will receive monthly interest generated from renting the property to tourists and short-term renters. Secondly, you have the potential for capital gains from the eventual sale of the property, once the target sale price is achieved.

While investing in real estate properties provides inherent value, it's crucial to acknowledge that there is always a degree of estimation involved. Despite Brickstarter's extensive experience in acquiring and managing vacation rental properties, it's essential to recognize that like any investment, there is a risk of not achieving the expected return or even the possibility of losing the entire investment. Therefore, it's advisable to carefully assess the associated risks and make informed investment decisions.

Investor protection and risk management

Brickstarter's focus on vacation rentals ensures that all rental payments are collected in advance through platforms like Airbnb or This eliminates the risk of tenants not paying their rent while occupying the apartments. Additionally, Brickstarter utilizes mezzanine financing, which combines elements of debt and equity, offering the lender the option to convert it into an equity interest in case of default.

One notable advantage of Brickstarter is their in-house approach, as they handle property acquisition and management directly. This provides them with greater control over the process, resulting in reduced risks for investors. Moreover, Brickstarter leverages big data from properties throughout Spain to identify opportunities that maximize potential returns while minimizing risk.

Investing in Brickstarter requires a minimum investment of just 50 Euros per property, allowing investors with a modest budget to diversify their portfolio across multiple properties. This diversification helps to smooth out income and mitigate the impact of any vacancies on overall yield.

Considering these factors, building a portfolio on a platform like Brickstarter probably offers a safer alternative to purchasing a single flat for long-term rentals. The platform's unique approach to vacation rentals, in-house management, utilization of data-driven strategies, and low investment threshold collectively contribute to a more secure investment experience.

Limited geographic diversification

At the moment Brickstarter primarily operates within the Spanish real estate market, which means that investors may not have exposure to other international markets or regions. While a concentrated focus on a specific market can provide in-depth knowledge and expertise in that particular region, it also implies a higher level of risk if the market experiences economic or regulatory challenges.

So, investors should carefully consider their risk tolerance and investment objectives when assessing Brickstarter's geographic concentration. It's important to weigh the potential benefits of investing in a specific market against the risks associated with limited diversification across different countries or regions.

Summary of Brickstarter review

Brickstarter stands out as a leading crowdfunding platform for investing in vacation properties, offering a high level of security for investors. One notable feature is that all projects on the platform have no liabilities such as mortgages or bank debt. Additionally, these projects are backed by the properties themselves, providing an added layer of collateral and enhancing the safety of investments.

Brickstarter leverages the power of Big Data analysis to estimate the optimal selling time for properties. By utilizing this technology, the platform can identify emerging hotspots in Spain and strategically enter the market when property prices are still relatively affordable. This data-driven approach enables Brickstarter to seize opportunities and maximize returns for investors.

With its commitment to minimizing risks and capitalizing on market trends, Brickstarter emerges as a top choice for crowdfunding investments in vacation properties. Investors can have confidence in the platform's secure project structure and its ability to make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.

Brickstarter summary


  • Brickstarter offers an average annual return of approximately 10%, making it an attractive option for investors seeking competitive returns
  • Unique approach to real estate investing, providing investors with an opportunity to earn income from Airbnb apartments without the burdensome task of property management.
  • Low minimum investment requirement, starting at just €50.

What you should pay attention to:

  • No auto investment feature
  • No secondary market
  • Due to its exclusive focus on Spain, Brickstarter offers limited geographic diversification for investors.

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